Hello, I am Gonik Daniel
Web Developer

I have several years of experience in web development. I have passion for clean, elegant styling, and I have lot of experience in general process of developing for modern websites. My field of interest besides the web is in smart-houses, machine learning, human-computer interaction and networking.

Personal Info

  • name Daniel Gonik
  • date of birth 17 of June
  • e-mail gonik.daniel88@gmail.com
  • address Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • phone +7-953-3609957
  • website www.igonik.ru


Languages Russian, English, German (very basics), Finnish and Spanish (even less than basics)
Sport Football, swimming, volleyball, cycling, skating, athletics
Hobbies Board games, travelling, creation of crazy ideas
Strengths Responsible, cooperative, self-disciplined, quick learner, healthy


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  • Physics and Mathematics School
    1995 - 2005

    Grammar school with in-depth study of English and Informatics.

  • St. Petersburg State Engineering–Economic University
    2005 - 2010

    Engineering Faculty of Economics. Department Economy and quality management in production and industrial complexes. GPA 4.9

  • Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences
    2008 - 2009

    The FIRST Programme (Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Exchange) promotes partnership and collaboration between higher education institutions in Finland and in Northwest Russia. Departments Seafaring and Logistics Forestry and Wood. GPA 4.5

  • Epic Skills
    2013 - 2013

    Some basic courses of html/css/design, CMS-management and modern ways of development.

  • Moscow school of programming
    2014 - 2014

    Web-profi programm (2 levels of PHP, HTML5/CSS3, JS, SEO).

  • Quite a lot of different courses and lectures
    2013 - 2014

    Tuts+, Codeschool, Codeacademy, Youtube and many more


  • PHP (Yii, Laravel, twig) 70%

  • JS (jQuery, AngularJS, CoffeeScript) 59%

  • CMS (WP, Joomla, DLE, a tiny piece of Drupal) 70%

  • Photoshop 40%

  • HTML5/CSS3 (HAML, Sass, Less, Canvas) 76%

  • Git, svn 60%

  • Console, bash scripting, vim, *nix basics 66%

  • Different (composer, phing, bower, jenkins, pro-workflow, etc) 69%

Work Experience

  • Freelance
    2013 - 2014, 2015

    Mostly I've studied a lot of useful stuff during this time, but also had several projects and some small general tasks.

  • 404 Group
    2014 - 2014

    Two months internship in quite a big company, which mainly specialized in web-sites about popular general themes (like autos, tips for woman, recipes). Had a great job experience working with team, git, *nix and working with project management app (redmine).

  • GaGa Ltd.
    2015 - 2015

    Wonderful guys from gaga.ru were looking for web-developer for supporting their online-store and serve some backoffice needs in IT. So, I had a short-term and great expreience working with them.


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Here is just a couple of posts which i'm usually writing at my blog.

First do it, then do it right, then do it better. This is one fundamental I always keep in mind when developing anything.
Addy Osmani

Long long time ago

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Another story

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Contact me

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Contact info

Hi, there! If you want to discuss some great, fresh and awesome ideas or just say thank you - you are always very welcome. And, of course, if you want to offer some new projects or even gently scold - here are some ways to get in touch with me.

  • Saint-petersburg, Russia
  • +7-953-3609957, +7-911-2882581
  • gonik.daniel88@gmail.com

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